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The results of the first Spoken English Competition



On the afternoon of Oct. 23, 2004, the first spoken English competition of our school ended with the warm applause and cheers of the students present. After careful preparations and choices of each class, 20 students took part in the final competition, of whom two got the high distinction, five got distinction, and eight more got the credit award. In the course of the competition, the competitors brought their special skill into full play, exhibited the high qualities of the students of our school by speaking fluently with graceful and elegant manners, and gained bursts of warm applause from the teachers and students present. In the competition, not only did the competitors improve their ability of speaking English, but also others clearly realized the importance of learning spoken English well. It has inspired all the students to practice spoken English actively and set a firm base for them to learn English better.

等奖获得者: 谢程琳(高一1班)High Distinction: Xie Chenglin(Class1)


一等奖获得者:朱娇娇(高一4班)High Distinction: Zhu Jiaojiao(Class4)


二等奖获得者:张  韵(高一7班)Distinction: Zhang Yun(Class7)


二等奖获得者:姚丽娜(高一6班)Distinction: Yiao Lina(Class6)


二等奖获得者:邱雯璐(高一8班)Distinction: Qiu Wenlu(Class8)


二等奖获得者:   萍(高一4班)Distinction: Zhu Ping(Class4)


二等奖获得者:边迅迪(高一9班)Distinction: Bian Xundi(Class9)


三等奖获得者:赵燕燕(高一9班)Credit: ZhaoYanyan(Class9)   


三等奖获得者:杨苗君(高一10班)Credit: Yang Junmiao(Class10)


三等奖获得者:郁费妃(高一3班)Credit: Yu Feigei(Class3)


三等奖获得者:李苗凤(高一6班)Credit: Li Miaofeng(Class6)


三等奖获得者:周科瑜(高一5班)Credit: Zhou Keyu(Class5)


三等奖获得者:施春艳(高一8班)Credit: Shi Chunyan(Class8)


三等奖获得者:  盈(高一5班)Credit: Huang ying(Class5)


三等奖获得者:戎幸娜(高一10班)Credit: Rong Xingna(Class10)


优胜奖获得者:董超男(高一1班)Participation: Dong Chaonan(Class1)


优胜奖获得者:  琰(高一2班)Participation: Lu Yan(Class2)


优胜奖获得者:朱燕琴(高一2班)Participation: Zhu Yanqin(Class2)


优胜奖获得者:张娇娇(高一7班)Participation: Zhang Jiaojiao(Class7)


优胜奖获得者:黄海滢(高一3班)Participation: Huang Haiying(Class3)


瞧!他们主持得多么带劲!Look! How wonderfully they are hosting!


王校长的演讲鼓舞大家再接再厉。Mr Wang, the headmaster, is giving us an inspiring speech.


裁判们工作得多么认真!How carefully the judges are working!


授奖 Awarding a prize



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The English Department of Yinzhou Senior School Oct.24, 2004






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