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An ear is an organ for listening. 耳朵是听觉器官。

A fox is a cunning animal. 狐狸是狡猾的动物。

This poem was written by a peasant. 这首诗是由一位农民写的。


He is a doctor. 他是一位医生。

He is studying in a university. 他正在一所大学里学习。


John goes shopping twice a week. 约翰每星期去买两次东西。

The train is running sixty miles an hour. 火车正以每小时60英里的速度行驶。

4、用于说明事物的同一性质、特征、程度或大小,= the same。如:

They are nearly of an age. 他们差不多同年。

The two shirts are of a size. 两件衬衣尺寸相同。

Birds of a feather flock together. 物以类聚。

5、与whatsuch连用,表示“感叹”,注意a /an的位置。如:

What a fine day!多好的天气!

He is such a man!他竟是那种人!

What a beautiful girl / How beautiful a girl! /Such a beautiful girl /So beautiful a girl!多么漂亮的一位姑娘!

〖注〗half an hour/a half hour半小时


quite a few days=many days; many a day=many days

7、姓名前有a /an来修饰,表示说话者对此人不认识,相当于“a certain”,也可指与某人有类似性质的人或事物;地名前用a / an,指某时期或某个样子的某地。如:

A Mr Chen came to see you this morning. 一位陈先生今天上午来看你。

Our music teacher is a Miss White. 我们的音乐老师是一位姓怀特的小姐。

He wishes to become a Newton. 他希望成为像牛顿那样的人。

He is a Lei Feng in our class. 他是我们班的雷锋。

She is now a different China from what she was twenty years ago. 现在的中国和20年前的中国大不一样。

8、用于固定词组中。如:a few有几个;a little有一点;a long time很长时间;all of a sudden突然;an hour or two一两个小时;as a matter of fact实际上;as a result结果;have a bath /look /rest /smoke /test /try /walk洗个澡、看一看、休息一下、抽支烟、测试一下、试一试、散散步;in a hurry匆忙地;in a word总之、一句话;keep an eye on监视;make a living谋生;make a promise许诺;many a time很多次;once upon a time很久以前;teach sb. a lesson教训某人;turn a deaf ear to不愿听



The rose is my favourite flower. 玫瑰是我最喜爱的花。

The horse is a useful animal. =A horse is a useful animal. 马是有用的动物。


He bought a book yesterday. The book is on the desk. 昨天他买了一本书,书在桌子上。

John bought a TV and a radiobut there was something wrong with the TV. 约翰买了一台电视和一台收音机,但电视有点问题。

He went to the station to meet his parents this morning. 他今早去火车站接他父母去了。

Pass me the bookplease. 请把书递给我。

This is the place where I once lived. 这是我曾经住过的地方。

The plane to Shanghai has taken off. 到上海的飞机已经起飞了。

3、表示世界上独一无二的事物。如:the sun太阳;the moon月亮;the world世界;the sky天空;the earth地球

4、用在序数词、形容词最高级以及特定比较的比较级前。如:the first unit第一单元; the largest room最大的房间;

He is the taller of the two children in his family. 他是家中两个孩子中大的那个

Winter is the coldest season of the year. 冬天是一年最冷的季节。

I am the last to come. 我是最后一个来的。

5、用在由普通名词构成的国家、党派、报纸、杂志、大建筑物、朝代等专有名词前。如:the People’s Republic of China中华人民共和国;the United Nations联合国;the Chinese Communist Party中国共产党;the China Daily《中国日报》;the Times《泰晤士报》;the Great Hall of the People人民大会堂;the Great Wall长城;the Qing Dynasty清朝

6、用在某些地理名词(江、河、湖、海、山脉、群岛等)前。如:the Changjiang River长江;the Yellow Sea黄海;the West Lake西湖;the Indian Ocean印度洋;the Urals乌拉尔山脉;the Xisha Islands西沙群岛

7、用在某些形容词前代表一类人(谓语用复数)。如:the poor穷人;the young青年人;the old老年人;the wounded伤员;the blind盲人;the oppressed受压迫者


The Lius have moved to Guangzhou. 刘家搬到广州市去了。

The Greens are at table. 格林一家正在吃饭。

9、演奏乐器名称前常加the。如:play the piano / violin / guitar / flute / drum / horn演奏钢琴/小提琴/吉它/笛子//小号


In the 1870’swhen Marx was already in his fiftieshe began to learn Russian. 十九世纪七十年代,当马克思五十多岁时,他开始学习俄语。


Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone in 1876. 亚历山大·哥拉哈姆·贝尔在1876年发明了电话。


feel/touch /put /hit + sb. + on the + head /shoulder /nose

strike /hit /look /gaze /stare + sb. + in the + face /chest /side

take /pull /shake /catch /seize + sb. + by the + hand /arm

He is blind in the right eye and lame in the left leg. 他右眼瞎了,左腿瘸了。

13、方位名词前:on the left/right在左/右边;in the east/south/west/north在东//西/北边

14、以-sh-ch-ese结尾的国家或民族的形容词前加the,泛指这个国家或民族的全体人员:the Welsh威尔士人;the English英国人;the French法国人the Chinese中国人;the Japanese日本人


I have hired the car by the hour. 我已按小时租车。

Eggs are sold by the dozen. 鸡蛋论打卖。

by the day/month按日/月;by the yard/foot按码/英尺;

特例:by weight按重量

16、有些固定搭配中必须用冠词。如:in the morning/afternoon/evening在早、中、晚;on the other hand另一方面;in the end终于;in the daytime/summertime在白天/夏日;to tell the truth说实话;on the contrary相反;in the middle of在……中部;go to the cinema去看电影;at the beginning of在……之初;in the distance在远处;on the whole整个地;by the way顺便说一句;in the countryside在乡下;all the year around整整一年



Mr Smith was elected Chairman. 史密斯先生被选为主席。

Aunt Mary玛丽姨妈;Professor Zhang张教授


Child as he ishe can finish it. 虽然他是个孩子,他可以完成这件工作。


Nothing could make me turn traitor to my country. 什么事情都不会使我背叛我的祖国。


Cows live on grass. 牛以草为食。

They are teachersnot students. 他们是老师,不是学生。

People in the south like rice. 南方人喜欢吃米饭。


Failure is the mother of success. 失败是成功之母。

China is a large country. 中国是一个大国。

Knowledge begins with practice. 知识来源于实践。

Rice and tea are grown in the south of China. 水稻和茶叶产于中国南方。

In LushanMr President was so struck by the beauty of nature that he stayed for a third day. 在庐山,总统被漂亮的自然景观迷住了,所以他又多呆了一天。


The milk in the bottle has gone bad. 瓶子里的牛奶变味了。


Wang Ping’s mother is a doctor. 王平的妈妈是位医生。

Every student must obey the rule. 每位学生必须遵守规章制度。

7、许多词组不用冠词:after school放学后;at home/ at night /midnight /daybreak /noon /dawn在家/在晚上/在午夜/在天亮时/在中午/在黎明时;by hand/ by mistake用手/错误地;catch fire着火;day and night日日夜夜;pen and ink钢笔和墨水;day by day一天天;face to face面对面;sun and moon 太阳和月亮;from door to door逐门逐户;from morning till night从早到晚;from side to side从这边到那边;from time to time不时地;go to bed/town /church /hospital /school上床/去镇上/去教堂/去医院/上学;hand in hand手拉手;husband and wife夫妇;father and son父子;in bed/class/fact/danger/space在床上/在班上/事实上/处于危险之中/在太空中;in(out of) sight(超出)视线所及;in (on) time及时/准时;keep in mind记住;learn by heart记住;on earth究竟;on foot步行;play truant逃学;put sb. into prison将某人关进监狱;shoulder to shoulder肩并肩地;sooner or later迟早;step by step秩序渐进;side by side并排地


1)一日三餐、节假日、运动、娱乐; 游戏、季节、月份、日子、学科、疾病、颜色、感官名称前不用冠词。如:

Did you have breakfast?你吃早饭了吗?

Economics is different from politics. 经济学不同于政治学。

Granny died of cancer two years ago. 奶奶两年前死于癌症。

He likes football. 他喜欢足球。

Do you play chess/bridge/cards?你下棋/玩桥牌/打牌吗?

Smell is one of the five senses. 嗅觉是人的五种感觉之一。

White is a beautiful colour. 白色是美丽的颜色。

〖注〗①被限制性定语修饰时,可加定冠词;被描述性定语修饰时,可用不定冠词。如:in the May of 20032003年的五月;a cold winter一个寒冷的冬天;

the Spring (Mid-Autumn) Festival(春节、中秋节) 加冠词,其余节日前一般不加定冠词。餐名不用冠词,但具体指某顿饭时要用the,表示类别时要用a。如:

The breakfast I ordered still hasn’t arrived.我要的早餐还没有送来。

That was a very nice /good /hearty supper.那是一顿非常好的晚餐。

2play(玩)后面接球类、棋类等娱乐活动名词时,一般不加冠词。如:play chess/football下棋/踢足球。但接乐器须加the。如:play the violin/piano拉小提琴/弹钢琴

3)国名前一般不加冠词。如in Australia。但以短语组成的国名及以-s结尾的国名前必须加the。如:the U. S. A. 美国;the People's Republic of China中华人民共和国;the Netherlands荷兰(用作单或复数均可,等于Holland

4)疾病名词前一般不用冠词,但在一些固定用法中常加a/an。如:an ache in…;a pain in…;have a cold/headache/fever/cough/cut/wound

5)泛指乘坐交通工具时,交通工具前不用冠词:by train/plane/boat/bike/ bus/taxi乘火车/飞机//自行车/公共汽车/出租车;特指某一具体交通工具时,须加冠词,但介词可能发生变化:in a space ship乘宇宙飞船;by the 8:30 train乘八点半的火车

6be late for接抽象名词时不加冠词,但接具体名词时须加:be late for school/work/ class/lunch上学/上班/上课/午餐迟到;be late for the train/the bus/the film赶火车/乘公汽/看电影迟到

7)注意电影、电视、戏剧、广播前冠词的用法:watch TV看电视;see a film看电影;listen to the radio听收音机;go to the cinema /theatre /pictures /movies去看电影

8)基数词与序数词前定冠词的用法:Lesson Five=the fifth lesson第五课;Class Three=the third class三班;World War II=the Second World War第二次世界大战;Speak English=Speak the English language讲英语;Part One=the first part第一部分

9)“患感冒”等词组中的a是否省略:take/catch/get (a) coldhave a coldtake/get a (bad/heavy) cold

10What's the matter with……=What's wrong with…… ……怎么啦?


1、不用冠词时,表示一种抽象概念;用冠词时,指具体事物。如:go to (the) sea当水手/到海边去;in (the) hospital在住院/在某医院;go to (the) school/bed/camp/church/college/university/ hospital/town/market上学、上床、去野营、上教堂、上大学、上医院(就医)、去镇上、去市场/到那所学校去、向那张床走去、向那个营地走去、向那个教堂走去、向那所大学走去、向那所医院走去、向镇上走去、向市场走去;at (the) table在进餐/在桌子旁;by (the) sea乘船/在海边;on (the) earth世界上、到底/在地球上;in (the) office 执政/在办公室;in (the) class 在上课/在班上;in (the) store储存/在仓库里;at/in (the) school在校求学/在学校

2、用与不用冠词,意义差别较大。如:be of (an) age成年/同年龄;on (the) fire着火/(美俚)在考虑中;on (the) watch在值班/留神看;out of (the) question没问题/不可能;take (the) advice征求他人意见/听人劝告;take place/take the place of发生/代替;in (the) course of在…过程中/在…时间内;in (the) place of代替/在…地方;in (the) front of在…前面/在…前部;in (the) secret秘密地/知道内情;in (the) open公开/在户外; (the) next year明年/翌年;by (the) day在白天/按日计算;with (a) child怀孕/带着孩子;(the) people人们/人民;(the) public公众的/公众;in word口头上/in a word总而言之;three of us我们中间三人/the three of us我们三人(共三人)

3、特例:a most interesting thing非常有趣的事;the most interesting thing最有趣的事;for a moment/for a while片刻;for the moment暂时;have a word with sb. 跟某人说几句话;have words with sb. 跟某人吵嘴;the Greens格林夫妇;a certain Mr Green 一位叫格林先生的人

What's the population of Japan?日本有多少人口?

China has a population of 1200 million. 中国有12亿人口。

This is the third time you have come late.这是你第三次迟到。

Try a third timeand you'll succeed.再试一次,你会成功的。


A horse/The horse is a useful animal. /Horses are useful animals.马是有用的动物。


The tiger is in danger of becoming extinct. 老虎有绝种的危险。(不能说A tiger is …)


Man is mortal.人终有一死。




1. ____ iron is ____ tool used for ironing clothes. 1981

       A. A; an     B. 不填; a C. An; a     D. an; 不填

2. Have you ever seen ____ as tall as this one? 1985

       A. a treeB. such tree          C. an tree   D. tree

3. Harris began to learn Russian at ____ of fifty-three. 1985

       A. age       B. a age     C. an age   D. the age

4. Alexander Graham Bell invented ____ telephone in 1876. 1991

    A. 不填B. aC. the        D. one

5. —Where's Jack?

 —I think he's still in ____ bedbut he might just be in ____ bathroom.         1992

    A. 不填;不填     B. the; the. C. the;不填         D. 不填; the

6. She is ____ newcomer to ____ chemistry but she has already made some important discoveries. 1994

    A. the; the  B. the; 不填         C. a; 不填 D. a; the

7. —Have you seen ____ pen? I left it here this morning.          1997

 —Is it ____ black one? I think I saw it somewhere.

A. a; theB. the; the  C. a; a       D. the; a

8. The warmth of ____ sweater will of course be determined by the sort of____ wool used. 2001

    A. the; the  B. the; 不填          C. 不填; the          D. 不填; 不填

9. Mr. Smiththere’s a man at ____ front door who says he has____ news for you of great importance. 2001春】

A. the;不填    B. thethe          C. 不填;不填     D. 不填;the

10. Jumping out of ____ airplane at ten thousand feet is quite ____ exciting experience. NMET2002

A. 不填;the        B. 不填; an          C. an; an    D. the; the

11. There’s____ dictionary on____ desk by your side. 【京2003春】

    A. a; the     B. a; a        C. the; a     D. the; the

12. The sign reads “In case of ____ firebreak the glass and push ____ red button. ” NMET2003

       A. 不填;a          B. 不填;the         C. thethe D. aa

13. Where is my blue shirt?

it’s in the washing machine. You have to wear ____ different one. NMET2003春】

A. any        B. the         C. aD. other


1. Alice is fond of playing ____ piano while Henry is interested in listening to ____ music.       1989

       A. 不填; the         B. 不填; 不填      C. the; 不填         D. the; the

2. Beyond ____ starsthe astronaut saw nothing but ____ space.    1990

    A. the; 不填         B. 不填; the         C. 不填; 不填      D. the; the

3. Many people are still in ____ habit of writing silly things in ____ public places.    1993

       A. the; the  B. 不填;不填     C. the; 不填         D. 不填;the

4. Many people agree that ____ knowledge of English is a must in ____ international trade today. 1996

   A. a; 不填 B. the; an   C. the; the  D. 不填; the

5. Paper money was in ____use in China when Marco Polo visited the country in ____ thirteenth century. 1999

       A. the; 不填          B. the; the   C. 不填; the          D. 不填;不填

6. Most animals have little connection with ____ animals of ____ different kind unless they kill them for food. 2000

    A. the; a     B. 不填;aC. the; the  D. 不填; the

7. Summers in ____ south of France are for ____ most part dry and sunny.     2000春】

     A. 不填; a       B. the; 不填    C. 不填; 不填    D. the; the



1. Having received ____ training of the MS. Companyhe was offered ____ important position in management.

       A. the; an          B. 不填;an          C. the; 不填          D. a; a

2. Did you enjoy yourself yesterday?

Yes. As you saw____ party went on in ____ most pleasant atmosphere.

A. the; a     B. the; the   C. a; the     D. a; a

3. It’s quite obvious that the aging population in China will cause ____ heavy pressure on ____ whole society in the future.

       A. a; a        B. the; 不填          C. a; the     D. 不填;the

4. What new subject are you going to have in ____ second grade?

I’m going to learn ____ second foreign language.

A. a; the     B. the; a     C. the; 不填          D. 不填;a

5. For many Beijingersdreams of living in ____ green area are becoming ____ reality.

       A. a; a        B. the; the   C. 不填;不填      D. 不填;a

6. Are you sure to help me find ____ bed for my new house?

Of coursebut not now. I’m heading for ____bed to have a good sleep.

A. a; a        B. a; 不填  C. the; a     D. a; the

7. I often have conversations with John over ____ telephonewhile keep in touch with Tom by ____ letter.

       A. 不填;the        B. 不填;aC. the; 不填          D. the; a

8. Charley Oakley____ NBA starhasn’t lost ____ game in the past three years.

       A. an; a      B. a; the     C. the; a     D. an; the

9. Many ____ scientist wants to be ____ second Newton.

       A. a; the     B. a; a       C. 不填;aD. 不填;the

10. USA Todayin ____ front-page storyalso reported on Friday that the US special forces have moved into Afghanistan with ____ orders to catch or kill Bin Laden.

       A. the; the  B. the; 不填          C. a; the     D. a; 不填

11. How many people are still leading ____ life under ____ poverty line in the world?

Perhaps one fourth.

A. a; the     B. the; 不填          C. a; a        D. 不填;不填

12. Were you educated in ____ good school?

Yes____ very good one in my hometown.

A. the; the  B. a; a        C. such; a          D. so; the

13. Chicago is on ____ Lake Michigan. There is nothing in the world like ____ Chicago meat industry.

       A. the; the  B. 不填;不填      C. the; 不填          D. 不填;the

14. In ____ China of today____ computer is no longer ____ rare thing.

       A. the; a; a  B. 不填;不填;the C. 不填;the; a  D. the; 不填;the

15. About 1979he went to ____high school and began to study ____ law by himself.

       A. a; the     B. 不填;the         C. 不填;aD. 不填;不填

16. They have their reasons for keeping their marriage ____ secret for ____ moment.

       A. the; the  B. a; the     C. a; a        D. the; a

17. I find ____ German grammar very difficult.

I agree. Though ____ grammar is pooryou pronounce very well.

A. 不填;your      B. 不填;不填      C. the; yourD. the; the

18. ____ telephone is really ____ most useful invention. Don’t you think?

       A. The; 不填         B. A; the     C. 不填;the        D. The; a

19. This is ____ secret information so don’t breathe ____ word about it to anyone.

       A. 不填;aB. ana     C. 不填;不填      D. someany

20. A serious accident happened at____ crossroadsnot far from____ New World Supermarket.

       A. 不填;the        B. a; a        C. the; 不填         D. a; the

21. My mother asked me to repeat____ telephone number____ second time so that she could write it down.

       A. the; aB. an; the   C. an; a     D. the; the

22. Most people believe that____ family life is the basis of____ society.

       A. the; the  B. a; the     C. 不填;the        D. 不填;不填

23. Historically____ main material for making tables has been woodbut____ metal and stone have also been used.

       A. the; the  B. 不填;不填      C. the; 不填          D. 不填;the

24. You left____ fin____ spelling of the word “useful”.

       A. an; a      B. a; the     C. an; the          D. a; 不填

25. Do you know____ art in the 18th century played____ more important part in people’s lives than it does today?

       A. an; the   B. 不填;aC. the; aD. the; the

26. There is____ “u” in the word “guess”but it is____.

       A. a; silent  B. an; silent C. the; silence        D. 不填; silence

27. Teaching____ child to cook will improve many of the skills that he or she will need later in____ life.

       A. 不填;the        B. a;不填 C. a; the     D. the; a

28. —We spent all our money because we stayed at____ most expensive hotel in town.

 —Why didn’t you stay at____ cheaper one?

       A. the; the  B. the; a     C. a; a        D. a; the

29. What about____ speech?

It was too tiringyou know____ speech for me.

       A. a; theB. the; the  C. the; 不填          D. the; a

30. As ____ unemployment is very high at the momentit’s very difficult for people to find____ work.

       A. the; 不填         B. 不填; 不填       C. the; aD. an; the

31. ____ British people always talk about____ weather.

       A. The; the B. 不填;不填      C. 不填;the        D. The; 不填

32. ____ cook in ____ restaurant by dayKatrina wants to be a rock star by night.

A. Thea  B. Thethe          C. Athe  D. Aa

33. ____ growing number of restaurants in Germany are taking everything American off their menus to protest____ war on Iraq.

       A. The; a   B. A; a        C. 不填; the         D. A; the

34. We stood at the top of the mountain____ east of the citywatching____ burning sun rising.

       A. 不填;aB. the; a     C. the; the  D. 不填;the

35. Paper money was in____ use in China when Marco Polo visited the county in____

       thirteenth century.

       A. the;不填         B. 不填; the         C. the; the  D. 不填; 不填

36. ____ careful study should be made of ____ international situations in this changing world.

       A. The; 不填         B. The; the C. A; the     D. A; 不填

37. Did you happen to see____ black and____ white cat?

Are they missing? I told you to take care of them.

       A. a; 不填  B. the; 不填          C. the; the  D. a; the

38. ____ new gym in our school was completed in____ Oct. of 2002not in____ Aug.

       A. The; the; 不填  B. A; 不填; 不填   C. A; the; the         D. The; 不填; 不填

39. Though they are ____ people of different sortsthey always buy dresses of ____ style.

       A. 不填; the          B. the; a     C. 不填; a D. the; the

40. As is known to all____ tiger is in____ danger of dying out.

        A. a; a     B. the; 不填          C. a; 不填  D. the; the

41. —What do you think of the director of the film?

 —Ohhe is ____ director who is pleasant to work with. It’s ____ pleasure to work with him.

       A. the; the  B. a; a       C. a; theD. the; 不填

42. We must remember that____ knowledge of computer is really____ must in modern society.

       A. the; a     B. a; 不填  C. a; a        D. 不填; a

43. Higher temperatures turning the large ice sheet to water would cause____ rise in sea levels worldwide and change____ weather on earth.

       A. a; the     B. the; 不填          C. a; 不填  D. 不填;the

44. It is ____ great pleasure to go to ____ cinema after a week’s hard work.

       A. a; theB. the; a     C. a; a        D. the; the

45. About 25% of____ European can speak____ foreign language besides their native languages.

       A. the; a     B. an; the    C. the; the  D. 不填; 不填

46. Instead of writing____ letterI talk with my mother on____ telephone once a month.

       A. the; the  B. a; 不填  C. a; theD. one; a

47. Our athletes won 28 gold medals at____ Sydney Olympic Games. It means that China is really becoming remarkable in sports and as____ country.

       A. the; a     B. 不填; the         C. 不填; 不填      D. the; 不填

48. Farm produce exports reached $18. 02 billion in ____ year of China’s WTO membershiprising 12. 8 per cent year-on-year.

       A. aB. an          C. the         D. 不填

49. Dolly ____ sheepthe world’s first cloned (克隆的) animalwas given ____ shot to end her life on Feb. 14 because she was suffering from a lung disease common in much older sheep.

       A. 不填;aB. the; a     C. a; the     D. a; a

50. We all know that ____ cultural differences may easily cause misunderstanding in ____ communication with people from other countries.

       A. the; the  B. 不填;the         C. the; 不填          D. 不填;不填

51. Excuse meare you going to buy____ book?

WellI need it for ____ class but it’s too expensive.

A. the; a     B. a; the     C. a; 不填  D. 不填;the

52. When ____ Brown was engagedmarried or bornall ____ Browns were present.

       A. 不填;the        B. the; 不填          C. a; the     D. certain; 不填

53. In America lunch time is very shorttherefore people don’t talk much ____.

       A. at the table         B. at table   C. around the tables D. around tables

54. The police have ____ power to arrest bad people by ____ law.

       A. the; the  B. the; 不填          C. 不填;不填      D. 不填;the

55. In China____ bicycle is ____ popular means of transportation.

       A. the; a     B. a; 不填 C. the; the  D. a; the

56. HeyMr. Smithyou are wanted on ____ phone.

Who is calling?

____ Mr. Green. I don’t know who he is.

A. 不填;A          B. the; 不填          C. the; A     D. 不填;不填

57. The president is talking on ____ phone with astronauts in ____ space.

       A. 不填;the        B. the; the   C. the; 不填          D. 不填;不填

58. Travelling to space in ____ spaceship is quite ____ adventure for most men and women.

       A. 不填;the        B. 不填;an          C. an; an    D. a; an

59. Will you be on ____ holiday soon?

WellI’m too busy to take ____ holiday now. ____ manager has me work day and night. I’ll be able to take ____ two months from now.

A. a; a; The; it        B. 不填;a; The; one C. the; the; The; That D. 不填;a; a; this

60. My mother is usually on ____ duty in the office every ____ few days.

       A. the; a     B. 不填;aC. 不填;不填      D. a; 不填

61. Ohdear! I wish we had not taken ____ lift.

If I had known it would be out of ____ orderI would have suggested walking.

A. a; the     B. the; an    C. the; 不填          D. a; 不填