第二十三章 情景交际用语



1Good morning/afternoon/evening. 早上/下午/晚上好!Hello / Hi. 你好!How are you?你好吗?Finethank youand you?很好,谢谢,你也好吗?Very wellthank you. 很好,谢谢。

2Best wishes / regards to…问候……好。Please give my regards / best wishes / love to请代我向……致以问候。Say hello to…向……问好。Please remember me to… 请代我向……问候。


1This is Mr / Mrs / Miss / Comrade…这是……先生/夫人/小姐/同志。May I introduce you to…? 我来把你介绍给……好吗?I’d like you to meet… 我想请你见……

2How do you do?您好!(初次见面时用)Nice/Glad/Pleased to see/meet you. 见到你很高兴。(见面时)Nice meeting youMr/Mrs/Miss…真高兴认识你。(分手时)

3My name is …我的名字叫……;I’m a student / teacher. 我是学生/老师。

4I’m a Chinese. 我是中国人。


1I’m afraid I must be leaving now. 恐怕我得走了。I think it’s time for us to leave now. 我想我们该走了。It’s time I met/did … I have to go now. 我该去见/做……,我得走了。

2Good-bye! /Bye-bye!/Bye!再见!See you later / tomorrow. / See you. 回头见/明天见。Good night. 晚安,再见。

四、感谢和应答Thanks and responses

1Thank you (very much). (非常)感谢。Thanks a lot. / Many thanks. 多谢。Thanks for… (因……)谢谢你。

2It’s very kind of you to …你(做……)真是太好了。谢谢你……;Not at all. 不用谢。不客气。It’s / That’s all right. 没关系。You’re welcome. 不用谢,不客气。

五、祝愿、祝贺和应答Good wishescongratulations and responses

1Good luck!祝你好运!I wish you good luck/success!祝你好运/成功。Good journey (to you)! Have a good trip. 祝你旅途愉快。Have a nice/good time. 祝你玩得高兴。I’d like to congratulate you on…祝贺你……

2Thank you. 谢谢。The same to you. 也祝贺你……。

3Happy New Year!/Merry Christmas!新年快乐!圣诞快乐!Happy birthday to you. 祝你生日快乐!

六、道歉、遗憾和应答Apologiesregretssympathies and responses

1Sorry / I’m sorry. 对不起。请原谅。I’m sorry to hear… / I am sorry for/about…听到……我很难过(遗憾)。I’m sorry to have done…/ I am sorry that…(已做了某事)我很抱歉。/(为……而)对不起。

2Excuse me (for…). 请原谅。be afraid that… 恐怕……;What a pity (shame)! It’s a pity that… 真可惜!/真遗憾!

3That’s all right. 没关系。/It doesn’t matter. 不要紧。That’s nothing. 没关系。(没有什么。)

七、邀请和应答Invitations and responses

1Will you come to…?你能来到……吗?Would you like to…?你想(做……)吗?I’d like to invite you to … 我想邀请你……。

2YesI’d love to… 好,我愿意……。Yesit’s very kind / nice of you. 承蒙你的好意。(谢谢。)

3I’d love tobut… 我很想……,但是……。

八、提供帮助等和应答Offers and responses

1Can / Could / Shall I help you?我来帮你好吗?/你想买什么?Would you like me to…? 我能为你……吗?Is there anything (else) I can do for you?有什么(别的)事我能帮你做吗?Do you want me to…? 要我帮忙吗?What can I do for you? 我能为你做什么?Let me do/carry/help… for you. 让我来(帮你)做……吧。Would you like some…?你想来点……吗?

2Thanks. That would be nice / fine. 谢谢。太好了。That’s very kind of you. 你真好。(谢谢。)Thank you for your help. 谢谢你的帮助。Yesplease. 好的,请吧。Heretake this /my… 给,请帮忙拿这个/我的……。

3Nothanks/thank you. 不必了,谢谢。Nothanks. /I can manage it myself. 不必了,谢谢。我自己能行。Nothank you all the same. (尽管无需你的帮助,但)还是要谢谢你。That’s very kind of youbut… 谢谢,但(我不需要你的帮助)。

九、约会Making appointments

1Are you/Will you be free this afternoon/tomorrow? 你今天下午/明天有空吗?How about tomorrow morning/afternoon/evening? Shall we meet at 4:30?明天上午/下午/晚上怎么样?我们4:30见面好吗?

2Yesthat’s all right. 行,可以。YesI’ll be free then. 可以,到时候我有空。

3NoI won’t be free thenbut I’ll be free… 不行,那会儿我没空。但……我有空。

4All right. See you then. 好吧,到时候见。

十、意愿和希望Intentions and wishes

1I’m going to…我打算……。I intend / mean / plan to…我意欲/想要/计划……。I will… 我愿意……。I feel like doing sth. 我想要……。I’d like to…我想要……。I (don’t) want / hope / wish to … 我(不)想/希望……。I’m ready to… 我愿意……。I would rather not tell you. 我真不愿意告诉你。I want / hope/ wish to… 我想……。

2I wish that… 我希望……。If only I could see him. 要是能见到他该多好啊!

十一、请求允许和应答Asking for permission and responses

1May I…?我可以……吗?Can/Could I…?我能……吗?I wonder if I could… 我不知道能否……吗?Would/Do you mind if I opened/open the window?如果我打开窗子,你介意吗?/我可以打开窗子吗?

2Yes. /Sure. /Certainly. 可以。当然可以。Yes(do) please. 可以,请吧。Go aheadplease. 干吧。/说吧。/走吧。That’s OK/All right. 那行。Not at all. 一点也不。

3I’m sorryyou can’t. 抱歉,不行。I’m sorrybut…抱歉(你不能……)。You’d better not. 你最好别这样。

十二、同意和不同意Agreement and disagreement

1Certainly/Sure/Of course. 当然可以。No problem. 没问题。Yesplease. 可以,请吧。YesI think so. 对,我认为是这样。That’s true. 是真的。All right/OK. 行。可以。That’s a good idea. 是个好主意。It’s a good idea to/that… ……是个好主意。I/We agree (with you). 我(我们)同意你所说的。I agree to… / that…. 我答应……。

2No. I don’t think so. 不我认为不是这样的。I’m afraid not. 恐怕不是的(不可以,不行……)I’m afraid I (really) can’t agree with you. 恐怕我(实在)不能同意你的看法。

十三、喜好和厌恶Likes and dislikes

1I like/love… very much. 我非常喜欢……。I like/love to…我喜欢……。

2I don’t like to…/I hate to… 我不喜欢……。

十四、决断和坚持Determinationdecision and insistence

1I will…我要……。I have decided to …/that… 我已决定……。I have decided wh- … wh- to do… 我已决定……。

2I insist on/that… 我坚持主张做……。

十五、判断和意见Judgment and opinion

1It certainly is. 当然是。It’s correct to do… 做某事是对的。Well done. /Good work!干得好!

2In my opinion…在我看来……;It seems… 好像……So far as I know… 就我所知……


1You must / have to / should / ought to…你必须//应该……;It is necessary to / that… 做某事是必须的。


1I can… / He is able to… 我会…… / 他能够……。


1I prefer…to… 我喜欢……胜过……。He’d prefer them not to…他宁愿要他们不……。He’d rather begin at once. 他宁愿马上开始。

十九、责备和抱怨Blame and complaint

1He is to blame. 他应受到责备。She blames him for…她把……归咎于他。He shouldn’t have done it. 他本来不该做这事。(可是做了)

2I’m sorry to have said thatbut… 很抱歉这样讲了,但是……;Why can’t you do something about it? 对这事你干吗不做点什么/采取点措施?

二十、肯定和不肯定Certainty and uncertainty

1I’m sure of that. 我很肯定这件事。I’m sure that…我相信/肯定……。

2I’m not sure of that. 我对这事没有把握。I’m not sure whether / if… 我不太确定是否……。I doubt if…我怀疑是否……

3Perhaps. / Maybe. 也许吧。

二十一、禁止和警告Prohibition and warning

1You can’t / mustn’t… / You’d better not do it. 你不可…… / 你一定不要……/你最好别做这事。If you…you’ll …如果你……,你就会……。Don’t smoke!/Don’t be late!别抽烟!/别迟到!

2Look out!/Take care!/Be careful!当心!小心!留神!

二十二、可能和不可能Possibility and impossibility

1He can / may…他可能…… It is possible that… 可能……

2He may not… 他可能不……;He is not likely to… 他可能不会……;It is likely that…可能……

二十三、预见、猜测和相信Predictionconjecture and belief

1He will… 他会……

2I guess that… 我想……;He must have done… 他一定是做了……。It seems (that) … 好象……;It looks as if… 仿佛(好象)……

3I believe that he is right. 我认为他是对的。


1Can/Will/Could/Would you … for me?你能帮我……吗?Will/Can/Could/Would you please…? 请你……好吗?May I have …?请你……?

2Please give /pass me…请(递)给我……。Please wait here a moment. 请在此稍候。Please wait your turn. 请等着轮到你吧。Please stand in line/line up. 请排队。Please hurry. 快点儿。Make sure that… please. 务请保证……

3Don’t rush/hurry/crowd. 别急。/别挤。No noiseplease. 请勿喧哗。No smokingplease. 请勿抽烟。

二十五、劝告和建议Advice and suggestions

1You’d better (not)…你最好(不要)……。You should/ought to…你应该……。You need (to)… 你需要……;I suggest that…我建议……

2Shall we …?/Let’s …我们(做)……好吗?/我们(做)……吧。What /How about…? (做)……好吗?/我们(做)……吧。What/How about…?(做)……怎么样?(表示征求意见或询问)Why not. . . ?/Why don’t you…?为啥不(做)……?(表示建议)


1I promise … 我答应……;You shall have … tomorrow. 你明天就可以得到……;I will give … to you. 我将把……给你。


1Don’t forget to…别忘了(做)……;Don’t you remember the day when…? 你还记得……的那一天吗?Make sure that everything is OK now. 看一看是不是一切都好了。

二十八、表示焦虑Expressing anxiety

1What’s wrong? / What’s the matter (with you)? 怎么了?出了什么病了?Is there anything the matter? 有毛病了吗?I’m/He’s/She’s worried. //她着急/担心。We were all anxious about… 我们都为……担心。Ohwhat shall I/we do?我(们)该咋办?

二十九、表示惊奇Expressing surprise

1Really?/Is that so?真的?/真是这样吗?Oh dear!/Good heavens!呵,哎呀!/天哪!

三十、表示喜悦Expressing pleasure

1I’m glad/pleased/happy to…我非常高兴(做)……;That’s nice/wonderful/great. 真好。/真精彩。/太棒啦。Hopefully tomorrow will turn fine. 明天有望转晴。

三十一、谈论天气Talking about the weather

1What’s the weather like today?今天的天气怎么样?How’s the weather in …? ……的天气怎么样?

2It’s fine/cloudy/windy/rainy…晴天/阴天/有风/有雨。It’s getting cold/warm…天在转冷/暖。It’s rather warm/cold/hot … todayisn’t it?今天挺暖和//热,是吗?It’s a beautiful day today. 今天天气真美。


1What can I do for you?你要买什么?May/Can I help you?我能为你效劳吗?

2I want/I’d like to…我想买……。How much is it / that?多少钱?That’s too expensiveI’m afraid. 恐怕太贵了。That’s fine. I’ll take it. 好,我买了。Let me have…让我(看一看或试一试)。

3How many/much do you want?你要多少?What colour/size/kind do you want?你要什么颜色/尺寸/哪种?

4Do you have any other kind/size/colouretc? 你有别的种类/尺寸/颜色吗?

三十三、问路和应答Asking the way and responses

1Excuse me. Where’s the men’s/ladies’ room?请问,男/女厕所在哪儿?Excuse me. Can you tell me the way to…? 劳驾,你能告诉我……的路吗?How can I get to…? I don’t know the way. 去……怎么走?我不认识路。

2Go down this street. 沿着这条街走。Turn right/left at the first/second crossing. 在第一/二个十字路口向右/左拐。It’s about…metres from here. 离这儿有大约……米。Go straight ahead till you see…一直走,直到看见……。

三十四、问时间、日期和应答Asking the timedate and responses

1What day is (it) today? 今天星期几?What’s the date today? 今天几号?Excuse me. What time is it by your watch?请问,你的表几点了?What’s the timeplease? 请告诉我几点了?

2It’s Monday/January 10th. 今天是星期一/一月十日。It’s five o’clock / five thirty (half past five). 五点钟/五点半。It’s a quarter past six/a quarter to six. 六点一刻(差一刻六点)。It’s time for / to do sth. 到……的时候了。

三十五、就餐Taking meals

1What would you like to have?你想吃点什么?Would you like something to eat/drink?你想要吃/喝点什么吗?

2I’d like …我要……;Cake/Two eggsplease. 请给我点蛋糕/两个鸡蛋。

3Would you like some more…?你还要再来点……吗?Help yourself to some…请吃点……吧。

4Thank you. I’ve had enough. 谢谢,我吃饱了。I’m fullthank you. 我吃饱了,谢谢。Just a littleplease. 只要一点儿。

三十六、打电话Making telephone calls

1Hello! Is Tom in?喂!汤姆在吗?May/Could I speak to…? 请……接电话。Is that … speaking? 你是……吗?

2Hold onplease. 请别挂了电话。(请等一下。)Hellowho is it?你是谁呀?He/She isn’t here right now. /她现在不在这儿。Can I take a message for you?我能替你捎个话吗?

3Hellothis is … speaking. 喂,我是……;I called to tell/ask you… 我给你打电话是想告诉/请你……。

三十七、传递信息Passing on a message

1Will you please give this note / message to …? 请你给……带去这个条/口信好吗?

2… asked me to give you this note. 某某让我给你带来这个条。

3Thanks for the message. 谢谢。

三十八、看病Seeing the doctor

1There’s something wrong with………出毛病了。I’ve got a headache and a cough. 我头疼、咳嗽。I don’t feel well. 我感到不舒服。I feel terrible/bad. 我难受得很。I’ve got a pain here. /This place hurts. 我这儿疼。/这儿疼。

2Take this medicine three times a day. 这药一天吃三次。Drink plenty of water and have a good rest. 要多喝水,好好休息。It’s nothing serious. 不要紧/不严重。You’ll be all right/well soon. 你很快就会好的。

三十九、求救Calling for help


2What’s the matter?怎么了?

四十、语言困难Language difficulties

1Pardon?请再说一遍。(用升调)Would you please say that again/more slowly?你再说一遍(说慢些)好吗?What do you mean by…?你……是什么意思?I’m sorry I can’t follow you. 抱歉,我没听清楚。I’m sorry I know only a little English. 抱歉,我只会一点点英语。

四十一、常见的标志和说明Some common signs and instructions




4PLAY放音、放像;STOP停止; PAUSE暂停

5Insert here从此处插入;       Split here从此处撕开




1. —Isn't your uncle an engineer?

 — ____. 1983

       A. Nohe isn't     B. Nohe is         C. Yeshe isn't     D. Yeshe does

2. —Do you mind my taking this seat?

 — ____. 1990

       A. Yessit down please.     B. Noof course not   

       C. Yestake it please   D. Noyou can't take it

3. —Have a nice weekend!

— ____. 1992

       A. The same to you B. You do too       C. The same as you D. You have it too

4. —Hello. May I speak to Zhao Hua?

—Yes. ____. 1992

       A. My name's Zhao HuaB. I'm Zhao Hua    

C. This is Zhao Hua speaking   D. Zhao Hua's me

5. —How's the young man?

— ____. 1993

       A. He's twenty      B. He's much better       C. He's a doctor    D. He's David

6. —Let me introduce myself. I'm Albert.

— ____. 1993

       A. What a pleasure B. It's my pleasure        C. I'm very pleased D. Pleased to meet you

7. —Don't forget to come to my birthday party tomorrow.

— ____. 1994

       A. I don't   B. I won't  C. I can't          D. I haven't

8. —Do you think it's going to rain over the weekend?

— ____. 1994

       A. I don't believe    B. I don't believe it C. I believe not so D. I believe not

9. —Hihaven't seen you for ages! You look fine!

— ____. You look welltoo. 1994

       A. GreatB. Thanks  C. Ohno D. Not at all

10. — I'll be away on a business trip. Would you mind looking after my cat?

— Not at all. ____ to. 1995

       A. I've no time      B. I'd rather not     C. I'd like itD. I'd be happy

11. —I’m sorry I broke your mirror.

—Ohreally? ____. 1996

      A. It’s OK with me B. It doesn’t matter       C. Don’t be sorry D. I don’t care

12. —I’d like to invite you to dinner this SaturdayMr Smith.

— ____. 1997

A. Ohno. Let’s notB. I’d rather stay at home

C. I’m very sorrybut I have other plans D. Ohno. That’ll be too much trouble

13. —You haven’t been to Beijinghave you?

 —____. How I wish to go there! 1998

       A. YesI have   B. YesI haven’t   C. NoI have   D. NoI haven’t

14. —Can I get you a cup of tea?

 —____. 1998

       A. That’s very nice of you        B. With pleasure

       C. You canplease       D. Thank you for the tea

15. —I had a really good weekend at my uncle’s.

 —____. 1999

       A. Ohthat’s very nice of you B. Congratulations

       C. It’s a pleasure          D. OhI’m glad to hear that

16. —What about having a drink?

 —____. 2000

       A. Good idea.    B. Help yourself.    C. Go aheadplease D. Metoo.

17. —Waiter!


 —I can’t eat this. It’s too salty. 2000

       A. Yessir?          B. What?   C. All right?D. Pardon?

18. —I believe we've met somewhere before.

  —No________. 2000春】

  A. it isn't the same        B. it can't be true   C. I don't think so D. I'd rather not

19. —I just heard that the tickets for tonight's show have been sold out.

  Oh no!__________. 2000春】

  A. I was looking forward to that       B. It doesn't matter

  C. I knew it already D. It's not at all interesting

20. Good morningGrand Hotel.

HelloI’d like to book a room for the nights of the 18th and 19th.


       A. What can I do for you?        B. Just a minuteplease.

       C. What’s the matter?   D. At your service.

21. —I’m taking my driving test tomorrow.

—____! NMET2002

A. Cheers          B. Good luck         C. Come on       D. Congratulations

22. It’s been a wonderful evening. Thank you very much.

 ____. 【京2002

    A. My pleasure          B. I’m glad to hear that  C. Nothanks   D. It’s OK

23. I’m sorry I’m calling you so late.

    ____okay. 【京2003春】

    A. This is       B. You’re    C. That’sD. I’m

24. What happened to the priceless works of art?

    ____. 【京2003春】

    A. They were destroyed in the earthquake   B. The earthquake was destroying them

    C. They destroyed in the earthquake    D. The earthquake destroyed them

25. I think you should phone Jenny and say sorry to her.

____. It was her fault. NMET2003

A. No way  B. Not possible          C. No chance     D. Not at all

26. Thanks for the lovely party and the delicious food.

____. NMET2003春】

A. No thanks         B. Never mind    C. All right         D. My pleasure




1. You see we’ve been invited to Kath’s party. Don’t forget to call for me tonightand we’ll go together.

Oh____. Thank you for reminding me.

A. I’d almost forgotten B. I’ve almost forgotten

C. I’d nearly forgotten  D. I almost forgot

2. Lily complains that she has never got any mail.

____. I will write her right away.

A. She is to blame  B. That’s impossible C. It doesn’t matter D. That’s too bad

3. What made you stay indoors last week?


A. Because I caught a bad cold B. Because of having a bad cold

C. Bad old as I had       D. A bad cold

4. What a pleasure to have had a nice talk with you.


A. Ohno. I’m not good at talking  B. A pleasure for metoo

C. Yes. Really a good talk     D. I’m ashamed you said so

5. Would you please show me Room 411?

Sure. ____.

A. Follow meplease B. No problem   C. This wayplease      D. Go ahead

6. Would you mind if you give your seat to the woman with a baby?


A. Ohno.B. Why not?          C. Of course.    D. With pleasure.

7. May I put my luggage on the seat beside yousirif it is free?


A. Ohplease yourself B. Wellnever mind

C. Yeshelp yourself   D. Surewith pleasure

8. —What advice do you think I should take?


       A. It’s none of my business     B. There’s nothing to do with me

      C. It’s up to you         D. Either sounds reasonable

9. Come inplease. Make yourself at home.


I’m glad you like it.

    A. Thanks. You have a nice place here.   B. Ohthis picture is so beautiful.

    C. Thanks. What nice food you’ve prepared!      D. OK. Let me look around your new house.

10. How do you find the lecture by Mr Lee?


A. With the help of Mrs Lee      B. By bicycle

C. In the conference hall      D. Very boring

11. I was going to the concert this weekendbut I can’t now.


A. Good luck         B. Bad luck C. You’re welcome D. That’s all right

12. I was tiredMom.

Tired? ____?

A. For what          B. For which         C. From which  D. of what

13. Would you like me to turn down the radio a bit?

____. I’m used to working with the radio on.

A. NoI don’t like it B. Yesit doesn’t matter   C. Noit’s all right       D. Yesplease

14. You seem to have known all about the accident.


A. So I have          B. So I do          C. So have I          D. So do I

15. Excuse mewhere can I find the post office?

Go down this street. Turn right at the first light and you’ll see it on the left.

Did you say right at the first light?


A. Noleft B. OK        C. Thank you         D. That’s right

16. I’m going downtown.

Come on. ____.

A. I’ll give you a lift B. You’re welcome C. Don’t do that   D. Come with me

17. How did you find your visit to the museumJane?


A. Ohwonderfulindeed      B. By taking a number 3 bus

C. I went there alone    D. A classmate of mine showed me the way

18. How did you find your missing key?


       A. I found it in my drawer        B. Quite by accident

       C. It was well kept by the monitor.  D. I had no idea where it was.

19. I put him down for a well-educated man.


I mean that he’s a well-educated man.

A. I beg your pardon    B. Speak louderwill you

C. What’s that   D. Will you repeat word for word

20. Didn’t you enjoy the performance last night?

____. It was less wonderful than expected.

A. YesI did         B. NoI didn’t      C. YesI didn’t     D. NoI did

21. Tomwould you like to come to our dinner party?


A. YesI would     B. Yeswith pleasure C. NoI can’t come D. Sureit’s my pleasure

22. Ohmust you? Stay a bit longer. It’s been such fun having you.

____. I’ve got an early start tomorrow morning.

A. No problem   B. All right  C. Thanks anyway        D. Never mind

23. Come inMiss Smith. Please sit down.

Thank youProfessor Tanaka. Can I talk to you just for a minute?

Ohall right. Well____?

A. how about some lunch     B. what do you want to see me about

C. what time is it          D. when did you arrive

24. Heylook where you’re going!


A. I am not noticing B. that’s all right   C. I don’t mean to do it D. I’m terribly sorry

25. Could I borrow your camera?

____but you will have to buy some films.

A. I’m sorry          B. I’m not sure  C. No problem   D. I hope so

26. HiJaneI enjoyed myself so much at your birthday party last night.


A. Ohthat’s kind of you        B. Congratulations

C. It’s my pleasure       D. OhI’m glad to hear that

27. Jimmy was fired yesterday.

____? He was working hard all the time!

A. What     B. Why      C. Pardon          D. How

28. Have a good Women’s Daymom.

Thanks. What a nice girl! ____.

A. You’re welcome B. That’s all right    C. It’s kind of you to say so D. The same to you

29. I have a question.


I’m sure you do.

A. I’d like to answer it  B. Tell me what it is

C. I hope I have the answer      D. I’ll settle it for you

30. Excuse me!


 Could you tell me how I can get to the first Department?

A. Pardon          B. Why      C. Yes        D. Please

31. I have a favor to ask you.


A. It’s a pleasure    B. Help yourself     C. Askplease       D. Go ahead

32. Why not join us in the game?


A. Noyou do the same      B. Ohthat’s all right

C. OKcomingD. Sureplease do

33. ____.

And thank you very much for letting me keep it so long.

A. I’m glad you like it   B. That’s all right

C. Don’t mention it       D. I hope you like it

34. I’ll be away for a summer holiday. Would you mind going with me?


A. I’ll like it      B. NoI’ve no time     

C. Not at allI’d be glad to     D. Yesof course not

35. I’m going into London. I’ll give you a lift if you like.

 ____? That would be kind.

       A. Are you  B. Could you really C. Do you         D. Will you

36. Shall I carry the suitcase for you?


       A. NoI can manage by myself          B. Yeswith pleasure

       C. Nothanks just the same    D. Yesit’s a pleasure

37. You look sad. ____?

       Ohmy grandmother’s very ill.

       A. What’s up         B. How are you      C. What’s that        D. How about you

38. ____

  Thank you. I certainly will.

       A. How about discussing the problem now? B. What can I do for you?

       C. I greatly appreciate your help.     D. Remember me to your family.

39. Can I help youmadam?

____. I’m being served.

       A. Yesplease B. That’s very kind of you

       C. Thank you all the same       D. That’s right

40. Would you like something to drink?

       Ohnothank you. ____.

       A. Please take it easy    B. Please help yourself

       C. Please don’t worry   D. Please don’t trouble yourself

41. —Watch out! A car is coming down the bridge.


       A. Noyou needn’t remind me of that       B. Thank you. I’ve already noticed that

      C. Ohit doesn’t matter         D. Thank goodness you mentioned that

42. You knowI’ve got a Hollywood star.

  — Really? ____.

       A. It’s an obvious fact  B. Congratulations

       C. I suppose you are right        D. You have yourself to thank

43. Did you remember to pay the telephone bill?

The telephone bill?____

A. That isn’t due yet.   B. Are you sure?

C. My telephone is out of order.          D. Please remember the amount.

44. We’re sure of winning the game.

  ____. We’ll see the result at the game.

       A. That’s all right   B. I think soC. Don’t be so sure       D. It’s possible

45. —I’ll meet you outside the school gate in an hourOK?


       A. No2 hours later.   B. Yesthat’s a good idea.

       C. OKbut I can manage.      D. NoI don’t think so.

46. WellBillI’m sorry I must be off now.

   ____. I hope to hear from you soon.

       A. Enjoy yourself   B. That’s all right    C. Keep in touch    D. Cheer up

47. —The terrible earthquake brought about $30 million in losses to this area.


       A. Quite OKB. Certainly C. That’s the case  D. I agree

48. I’m sorry I can’t go with you.

  ____? Haven’t you agreed?

       A. How is it          B. What is it          C. Why don’t you D. What do you think

49. Haven’t seen you for ages. Do you still work in Zhengzhou?

____. It’s two years since I worked there.

       A. YesI do         B. NoI don’t      C. YesI have      D. NoI haven’t

50. Thank you for a wonderful meal.


       A. The same to you  B. It’s my pleasure.

       C. Thank you all the same.      D. Nothat’s all right

51. You speak very good English.


       A. And so do you         B. Far from very good

       C. Worse than you do   D. Thanks for your praise

52. Ohno! I forgot to bring my sleeping bag before we went out for the vacation.

       ____. It’s time you got a new one after all.

       A. Good luck to you    B. Forget it

       C. Fly back right now  D. Come on

53. — You seem to show interest in cooking.

  — ____? On the contraryI’m tired of it.

       A. Really    B. Pardon  C. OK       D. What

54. — I’m sorry for stepping on your foot.

— ____.

       A. That’s all right   B. You are welcome C. It’s your fault D. Never you mind

55. I have to meet Mr Longman tomorrow at noon.


Mr Longman. Don’t you know him?

       A. Do you know when B. How do you know

       C. Meet who    D. What for

56. ____.

Ohwhat a nice house !

I’m glad you like it. Let me show you around it first.

A. Let’s drive to my house.      B. Here we are.

C. Would you like to see my house?     D. My house is behind the hill

57. —There must have been a storm there.


       A. There couldn’t be     B. There needn’t be

       C. I think there was     D. There mustn’t have been

58. You’ve won the football game. Congratulations.


       A. We are really lucky  B. It’s nice of you to say so

       C. Ohnot really        D. You are quite all right

59. — Do you feel like taking a walk in the park?

 — No____.

       A. thank you just the same       B. I’ll be free this evening

       C. that’s very kind of you     D. I’m really not in the mood for it

60. I’m afraid I can’t finish the magazine within the required time.


A. Please go ahead  B. That’s right        C. Not at allD. Take your time

61. —Do you mind if I keep pets in this building?


       A. Noyou can’t        B. Of course notit’s not allowed here

       C. Great! I love pets D. I’d rather you didn’tactually

62. Do you think this book is worth reading?


       A. Very much         B. Quite well          C. Yesit isD. Noyou don’t

63. Don’t you think this colour is too bright?


       A. but I don’t think so. B. of course not.   C. I agree.        D. what’s wrong?

64. I can’t believe it! I took the maths examand I got a grade of ninety-nine.

  ____. I’m glad of your success.

       A. It’s a surprise    B. That’s great   C. No wonder        D. So do I

65. HiPeter! We haven’t seen for ages. How nice to meet you here!


       A. MetooB. The same as you       C. So do I         D. The same to you

66. —I want to ask you a questionsir.


       A. What     B. What forC. What about        D. How about

67. —Don’t forget to take the message to my teacher.


       A. YesI will        B. NoI won’t      C. I don’t think so  D. SorryI wouldn’t

68. —Hellomay I have an appointment with the headmaster?


       A. Sorryhe is busy at the moment     B. Noyou can’t

       C. Certainly. Wait a minuteplease  D. Let me see

69. May I have your nameplease?


      A. Of course         B. All right  C. Yesplease      D. Call me Tang Linplease

70. —You have no difficulty finding the answer to the question?


       A. None at all         B. Not at allC. No problem   D. No one

71. —The US-led war against Iraq is very likely to break out in the near future.

  —I____ if the situation goes as it is.

       A. hope so  B. hope not C. am afraid not     D. am afraid so

72. Hellocome in. ____.

 Thank you.

       A. All right       B. Make yourself at home

       C. That’s my home  D. It’s a great honour

73. —I’ve been busy with my book these days. I’d like to go out for relaxation at this weekend.

       —I think so. ____.

       A. Have a good time. B. For what        C. What funD. Have good travel

74. —What you said at the meeting hurt me badly.

  —Sorry. But ____.

       A. I didn’t mean it  B. I didn’t mean to C. I don’t mean it   D. I don’t mean to

75. I don’t think much of being an office worker.


A. There’s something in what you said.       B. It’s hard to say.

C. I can’t help thinking I’m a failure.   D. Don’t give up hope.

76. I’d like to invite you to the ball this weekendMiss Schewanda.


A. Ohdon’t be so kind      B. I’d rather stay at home

C. I’m sorrybut I have to study then D. Ohno. That’ll be a waste of time

77. I’m sorry to keep you waiting. I’ll make short work of this.

____ I’m in no hurry.

A. Take your time         B. Take it easy

C. Don’t be nervous.   D. Why didn’t you do this earlier?