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With the warm response and active participation of all the students, and with the help and direction of all the teachers, the project of collecting articles with the theme of “I grow with Yinzhou Senior School” has come to a successful end. From the rapid flow of writing contributions, we choose these varied articles to exhibit here to be appreciated as both rewards and thanks.

The young lotuses have just been in bloom. Though we have just stepped into the kingdom of English language, we have enough confidence and courage, which can lead us to our ideal land. Though we are not skilled enough to express our idea freely, we have taken a first firm step by practicing, which will make us maturely use the language. Though we are still naïve in expressing our thoughts, the writings have disclosed our sparks to light our future brilliance. What our intellectual school breed are those who can bear the social responsibility in the future.

         Such is the special page that we’ve written in the history of Yinzhou Senior School.




Here are some solicited articles from our students. Please enjoy them:

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